Apple is warning customers of a new phishing scam targeting iOS device owners.

Some Apple product owners have reported receiving an e-mail telling them that their Apple ID has expired. It then provides them with a link to confirm their Apple ID.

Naturally, those who receive the message are being warned not to clock on the link. This takes them to a webpage, which requests their iCloud username and password. Handing this information over is a sure fire way to hand over control of your iCloud account and anything stored there.

While Apple users are being warned about this scam, there are lessons for everyone to take from this. Don’t open e-mails that look suspicious, make sure you double-check the e-mail address (some of them look quite authentic), and don’t give your password away. If you want to check up on a notification posing to be from eBay, Paypal, Apple, or other companies that have your details, visit the website directly.

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