If you paid top dollar for the iPhone X and Apple Inc’s other flagship smartphones expecting the fastest mobile internet speeds around, you won’t like these results.

Apple’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and USD1,000 iPhone X trail the latest smartphones from Samsung Electronics Co and Alphabet Inc’s Google in download speeds, according to data from Ookla LLC, a company that provides the most popular online service for measuring the speed of an internet connection with its Speedtest app and website.

Faster internet data means that users can load websites and start watching movies more quickly, make crisper video calls and get higher-quality video.

As smartphones start to look more like each other, handset makers are trying to tout under-the-cover hardware features. Samsung has marketed the issue against Apple with commercials highlighting the faster mobile internet speeds in its recent TV ad push.

Ookla’s data are important because they are created by users – not in a corporate lab – and encompass the range of random real-world conditions that affect performance like distance from cellular towers and network congestion.

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