It cannot have escaped your notice if you live in Ireland that eir (telecommunications company) recently informed its email users if they didn’t start spending  €5.99 by the end of March 2020 for their email accounts, then their accounts would be deleted.

This action has reignited the debate over the perceived value  you receive from a free service and what are the hidden costs to the same ‘free services’

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Controlling Your Digital Space

Back twenty years ago, getting online meant getting access to free accounts to start communicating with friends, family and business associates.

But when you entrust something like a free online account to a third party, then you are in fact handing over a great deal of your online soul and identity.

For example at we recommend to our clients that they have presences on social media as these platforms are great for building social  relationships with customers and getting messages posted quickly.

BUT we also say they must have websites. The reason: social media companies own the algorithms that determine who and how marketing messages get seen by visitors to these platforms.

Any change to these algorithms, and business could lose customers or be forced out of business entirely.

Whereas if you own your website, then that is your piece of digital real estate.

You create your opportunities in your digital space and build sound one to one relationships with your customers through list building and direct messaging

Check the Competition

The same can be said of the free email accounts that were provided by companies such as eir.

Many people signed up to these for a variety of reasons; whether it be for business (I have seen business vehicles and business cards with eir email addresses emblazoned across them.)

Others have used their free email address to sign up to websites, stay in touch with friends and relations abroad or simply to look after their everyday banking and bill paying needs.

And now – caput! At the stroke of a digital click the free service is removed.

The charge will now be €5.99 per month which is a huge jump when you consider there are services out there that offer much better value and SUPPORT and also which allow you to pay yearly.

eir van

For example at  we offer, amongst other packages, Silver tier Hosting for €4.99 or  €59.88 for the year.
With this  you receive:

And most importantly - Web Hosting Packages

Added Value from

But if you decide to move away from eir what in addition to an unlimited amount of  email addresses will you be receiving from

Well ,firstly, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a domain name. This is your name or you identity on the web,  and it is very important you claim it before someone else does.

We have a very useful tool that allows you to check to see if your desired domain name is available . Its easy and inexpensive. Try it out here

We offer all the main domain appendages .ie, .com. etc.

In these instances we recommend that you purchase all appendages that are relevant to your brand.


Well lets suppose you are an artist ( and you sell your artwork internationally . But then someone comes along and sets themselves up as

Your brand identity immediately becomes diluted, your customers could become confused and you may lose some of your valuable traffic and revenue.

In addition, if you are famous others can go ahead and set themselves up as you online and redirect traffic away from your  web platform.

We have spoken on this website about two very famous incidents in the past involving Bruce Springsteen and Madonna.

The main takeaway here is to grab your domain name before someone else does! – Web Hosting Packages

Eir’s new email paid service will cost you €71.88 for the year.

However, we can beat that price with  two of our web hosting packages: our bronze and silver offerings.
For example, our bronze hosting service, which comes with unlimited email addresses, only costs €47.88 for the year and comes with:

Plus ,over time, its easy to upgrade to the other packages for minimal costs

And that’s not all: you will be getting access to our top class human technical support, that will get to the heart of any technical problem you have quickly.

Will you transition over to services? The choice is yours.

If you do decide to leave eir remember to update all your logins for things such as domain registration, the payment of bills, in fact anything that required you to provide your eir email in order to gain access and register with a service.

So you have a choice to make before the end of March:

Choice Arrows

Stay with eir and pay their new charge for email or move to a web hosting company such as where not only will you be able to claim unlimited email addresses and avail of a web hosting package, but you will also be able to purchase and claim your own online identity.

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