Facebook has been working to improve customer service-focused features for Page administrators for some time, most recently with the introduction of “Saved Replies,” a feature that allows Page admins to quickly respond to incoming inquires with canned (pre-written) replies. Now, admins will be able to tout just how fast they do answer their customers’ questions, as a number of Facebook admins report seeing a “response rate” feature. The addition will show a Page’s responsiveness info to Page admins, and if the rate is high, it will also be displayed to Page visitors via an icon below the cover photo.

Not all Facebook Pages appear to have this feature yet, which typically indicates either a staged rollout or a test. The feature has been spotted in the wild before, but we’re been hearing from more admins this month that they’ve had it appear, and Facebook also recently published official documentation detailing how the feature works, which signals this is more than a test.

Page admins told us that in June, they began to see a “response rate” metric that was made visible to all those who help manage their Page on Facebook. Another new feature tracks the response time – allowing business owners to see how well they’re doing with handling incoming messages from customers.

Source: Facebook Pages Can Now Show How Quickly They Respond To Customers’ Messages | TechCrunch