We don’t go to a store without our wallets; many of us say the same thing about our smartphones. In stores, 82% of smartphone users turn to their devices to help them make a product decision.2 What they find online can influence their decisions right down to the very last minute before a purchase. After reading something on a smartphone, nearly one in four shoppers has changed his or her mind about buying something while in the checkout line.

I Want-to-Do Moments: From Home to Beauty

Some marketers might see this as a threat and wring their hands about “showrooming,” because they are concerned that consumers will end up buying products elsewhere. But savvy brands see it differently. “We think one of the biggest opportunities that we have in retail is for our customers to leverage their phones as a shopping assistant when they’re standing in the store,” says Sephora’s vice president of interactive media, Bridget Dolan. To assist shoppers in these moments, Sephora designed its app to pull up product ratings and reviews when an item is scanned. “Having access to this information is that perfect new moment for customers to find everything they’re looking for and get advice from Sephora.”

Dolan and her team also realized that people were searching for products on mobile before heading to a physical store. To reach shoppers in these critical moments, Sephora began using local inventory ads to let customers know when particular products, such as lipstick, eyeliner, or perfume, would be available at a nearby store. This helped drive shoppers into stores, and they often bought more once they arrived. “A client that really knows exactly what she’s buying—all the reviews and all her options—is actually a happier client and will come back and shop with you more often,” says Dolan.

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