Facebook, the social media network rolled out its alternative to the ‘like’ button in February, but police say you shouldn’t use it if you want to protect your privacy

For the past few months, Facebook has given its users the opportunity to express a range of emotions when they respond to posts they see in their feed.

After years of complaining about the lack of a ‘dislike’ option, the social network finally gave in and introduced an alternative to the ‘like’ button .

It wasn’t quite a ‘dislike’, but we can now express shock, sadness, anger and love emotions when reacting to posts by friends or pages.

But now police in Belgium are warning people NOT to use the reactions – if you want to protect your privacy.

In a statement released on their official website on Wednesday, the police wrote: “Facebook never misses an opportunity to improve the collection of information about us and they proved it again last February.

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