Welcome to some unwanted deja vu. Last week Microsoft MSFT +0.00% released a cumulative bug fix for Windows 10 which caused endless crash loops. Now Microsoft has released a cumulative bug fix to address it and guess what? Yes, it is also causing Windows 10 computers to crash over and over again…

‘KB 3081438′ was pushed to Windows 10 users on Friday and the ever alert InfoWorld has spotted reports popping up around the web of users who find the update will only partially install, get stuck, then force their computers to reboot. After rebooting Windows 10 automatically begins reinstalling KB 3081438 again and the endless cycle has begun.

What isn’t helping matters is the policy Microsoft has introduced with Windows 10 of not explaining what these updates do. With detailed information more educated attempts could be made at fixes, but like the last two Windows 10 patches (KB 3081424 on August 5th and KB 3081436 on August 12th), KB 3081438 simply says:

“This update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10.”
There’s also no way to know what type of patch KB 3081438 is, which causes a further problem when it comes to prevention: Windows 10 driver and feature updates can be uninstalled and stopped from reinstalling using this tool Microsoft released shortly after launch, but security updates cannot be stopped by any means using any Windows 10 edition.

Source: Windows 10 Warning: Latest Updates Are Crashing PCs – Forbes