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FAQs about Our Website Design Service

If you are considering getting a website for your business or redesigning a website you already own, then read our frequently asked questions with answers section below describing what you need to do next.

You will need a domain name for your website. Our domain name is thedesignpool.ie and our sister company is thehostingpool.com.

Web domains are your piece of real estate on the Internet. They are also referred to uniquely identifiable addresses for websites.

Web domains are normally purchased from registrars. For example a wide range of domains can be purchased from here or at our sister website thehostingpool.com

Best practice when purchasing a domain name.

There are a number of thing to consider when purchasing a domain name.

Should you identify which country you are from? For example, lets say you are based in Ireland and will not be exporting and selling products abroad then the .ie  country identifier is what you should purchase for your domain name.

The video below provides some explanation about the .ie country identifier and its importance to a website if your business is solely based in Ireland.


This very much depends on what your needs are. We build websites for different types of markets.

For example our Starter Pack caters for smaller, brochure sites that do not contain any eCommerce functionality.

Here your talking about a 6 to 10 page website.

Whereas our eCommerce web design package caters for larger websites that require bigger web hosting capacity and the creation of transactional software.

To receive a quote for one of our packages click here.

Again, this very much depends on the size of the website you want built and how much content in terms of text, picture and videos you can provide us with.

But a ball park figure would anything from 10 to 20 days for  different sites.

Yes, using the WordPress platform you can update your website at anytime.

Once we’ve built it and delivered it to you we will set you up with a user name and password.

Yes, you can.

In relation to our eCommerce web design, we use a tool called Woo Commerce which has a built in payment processing functionality.

It allows us to use payment methods including Stripe.

In order to make progress quickly with your website we would like you to provide us with as much original content as possible. For example do you have photographs of your business.

Do you have a location map where people can come and visit you?

Do you have brand colors?

Do you have a logo?

If you have any of the above then it will mean the project will be completed more quickly.

Yes all websites come with mobile friendly templates.

Having a mobile friendly website now is crucial as this is what most users will view your website on.

We use a template called Avada which is fast, mobile friendly and customisable

We offer full hosting services as part of the web design package.

Thus your web design, hosting and domain registration will all be look after by thedesignpool

We offer full, human, technical support.

We do not rely on robots to carry out this service as our research has shown customers like to speak to a human if they have a technical support problem!

You can upgrade your hosting space to the next available level by doing the folowing:
Login to our Client area : https://billing.thehostingpool.com/

Select >> Services
Select >> Your current Hosting Package > Active
Select >> Upgrade/Downgrade
Select >> Hosting Packages – the next available Hosting Package > Choose Product
Follow the onscreen instructions
Paying by Credit Card will automatically increase your space and will only charge you the pro rata difference for the remaining term of you package.

Be sure to call us if you need help on 01 230 3645

Got a question about Avada?

FAQ's about Avada?

Upgrading my PHP Version2023-01-20T11:27:43+00:00
PhP change

Have you ever found that your WordPress website requests that you upgrade your PHP version? If it does, it is very helpful to know how to view and/or modify your server’s PHP version. Updating your site’s PHP version is very important for the security of your website. When you upgrade the latest security patches will be implemented whenever a new PHP version is released. This article walks you through the steps to upgrading the PHP version in your website hosting account.

Instructions on Upgrading my PHP Version

Follow these instructions to check if your site will run on minimum PHP 7.4?

Login to your Control Panel ( https:///cpanel ) replace “” with your domain name.

Go to >> Software

Select >> MultiPHP Manager

Check what version of PHP your site is currently running and make a note.

Tick >> the check box next to your website to select it.

Select >> PHP Version ( drop down menu )

Select >> PHP 7.4 (ea-php74) ( minimum )

Go and Check your website!!

It is advisable to test your website after each upgrade to ensure it is functioning correctly.

If your website has become inoperable, it means that your site will not run on the minimum PHP 7.4 and you should revert to the previous PHP (noted) version and contact your web developer immediately.

How do I update WordPress2023-08-08T14:39:04+01:00

When you login to your WordPress dashboard, if your WordPress website needs updating you will be asked to ‘Please update now’ as can be seen from the graphic below.

Update WordPress Backend


It is advisable that you backup your website before carrying out any WordPress update.

For additional information please visit our Website Maintenance & Security Program page

How do I update plugins2023-08-08T14:42:20+01:00

A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that your website uses. It is important that all website plugins are constantly kept up to date on a regular basis.

The screenshot below shows how this is done.

*Tip*: Always update plugins one at a time

Updating Plugins

For additional information please visit our page Website Maintenance Programme

What version of wordpress does my site use2023-08-08T14:43:05+01:00

The version of WordPress is located at the bottom right hand corner of your WordPress dashboard

For additional information please visit our Website Maintenance and Security Program page , What version of WordPress does my site use?

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