Q. Why do you need a Website Maintenance & Security Programmme?

  • This is not just a set and forget exercise, but must be monitored and maintained at regular intervals.
  • WordPress is constantly evolving and needs to be updated on a frequent and ongoing basis.
  • The Website Maintenance & Security Program will be crucial to this.
  • Securing your website will protect it against any technical flaws or security threats that may arise.

Q. Can I maintain my own website? Yes you can!

  • Do not ignore any updates for your WordPress website.
  • It is also important to update your WordPress plugins.
  • Updating your website will let Google know your there which will help people find you, as well as protecting you from security threats.
  • Update the images, colors and text on your website.
  • Click on your website links to ensure they are working. Broken links will portray an unprofessional image to your customers.

Q. What is included in my Website Maintenance & Security Program?

  • Keeping all the plugins on the website up to date daily. These are the software components on your website that provide it with its functionality.
  • Keep WordPress up to date daily.
  • Continuous improvements to the website’s speed and efficiency.

Q. How much does it cost to maintain a website?

  • Brochure Website Maintenance & Security Program is €34 per month.
  • eCommerce Website Maintenance & Security Program is €98 per month.