Email Marketing for Small Business

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You Got Mail

  • Do you want to build long term profitable one to one relationship with your customers?
  • Do you want to target only specific segments of your market?
  • Do you want to know what customers are doing with your information once you send it to them?
  • Then you should be  considering  email marketing for your  small business

Let the build email promotions for your business that will let you:

  • Target your customer base with  the right tone of message
  • Target different segments of your audience with different messages
  • Analyse performance and reuse what works using split testing



Old and New Technology Working Together

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At the present time there is very much an emphasis on the new channels of communication between customers and businesses.

When we look we see the proliferation of companies and individuals communicating via video, we see AI chatbots offering help and direction to users landing on websites, social media influencers directing users to brands they endorse.

But one of the oldest technologies for communicating with potential customers is still very much alive and kicking.

What is it? – email!

Email marketing campaigns for small business owners

Checking Email for small business on a phone

Email can be a very cost effective way of directing your  marketing messages to your customers. we design and implement creative email marketing campaigns that will maximise your brand exposure to existing and potential customers.

Consider the following:

A targeted email marketing campaign has many advantages:

  • The costs are minimal compared to other marketing channels such as posters and newspapers.
  • Email allows you to target only those who give you permission to send them mails.
  • Email campaigns are easy to measure which will allow you send mails to the appropriate contact at the right time.


You are not alone in using Email

Companies and individuals are still using email to grow their businesses and that is because the numbers using email continue to grow.

Globally, it is envisaged, that half the world’s population will be using email by 2023. That is far too big a figure for small business to ignore!

And certainly businesses are not ignoring it when you consider the returns they can make.

For example, according to Statistica for every $1 spent on email marketing for small business , $42 are returned, which makes a compelling argument for a small business to invest in email marketing.

Contact us by any of the methods below to see how we can help you maximise your returns and results for email marketing for your small business.

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