Follow these steps to configure your PC for Microsoft Outlook

Here is how to check for mail in the mail boxes set up for your site.

Please note.. the steps in this guide may differ with various mail programmes and care should be taken when adding a new account.

1. Open Outlook Express programme and select the “Tools” option on the top of the page.

2. On the drop down menu select Email Accounts.

3. On the following page titled Email Accounts, select ADD a new mail account on the menu and click next.

4. Mail Type: Select POP3 and Click Next

5. E-mail Accounts:

Your Name: When someone receives a mail from you, the from “name” will be whatever you put in here. e.g My Company Ltd

NB. This is the ONLY area that allows you to use Uppercase text or Spaces.

All following fields must be lowercase with no spaces.

E-mail Address: People will reply to you using this address.


Account Name and Passwords are provided by thehostingpool. Contact us if you do not have them already.

If you don’t want/need to supply a password each time you check your mail, leave Remember Password ticked. – NB. All lowercase text & No spaces

Incoming Outgoing Servers Both the incoming and outgoing boxes are to be filled in with your domain excluding (www.) So in your case it would be just or

NB. All lowercase text & No spaces

Once Completed – Click Next

You have finished the wizard – Click Finish

You can now see your account listed.

Click finish

The next time you click send and receive – you should see a window open “checking mail on account for your site.”

It is possible to send mail to yourself and this is an effective method for checking the paths are clear and you are receiving your own mail.

Some programmes differ to the step guide given above and care should be taken when installing a new mail account especially when other accounts exist. The process, if correctly carried out should not affect non related accounts. The thehostingpool cannot be held responsible for any errors that occur as a result of incorrect procedure.

However, please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any further questions.