How to see every Google search you’ve ever made!

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If you made a search while logged in with your current Gmail or Google account, it's been recorded. We're not just taking about the recent searches that pop up on your current machine. We're talking every search you've made on every device. Yes indeed it doesn't matter whether your searches were done on a mobile or desktop, they've all been stored, and they're waiting for you to rediscover [...]

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What you can do about “Ransomeware”

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I want to share some very useful advise we received from Paul Brierton or Primary IT Services (  about "Ransomware". Paul Said: As a point of interest to you and your customers, I have had a few cases recently of "Ransomware" infections, where the user's documents were encrypted and would only be decrypted on payment of a ransom (in one case $360). The infection was contained in [...]

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